Who is dating lil kim

"The messed up thing is because we are real artists, and me and Remy do what we do, no matter what we say, if I be like, ‘Fake-ass such and such.’ They’ll be like ‘Oh! We just making music.”To further her point, she reminded us that she has one of the biggest records uniting women (“Not Tonight (Ladies Night Remix)”).

1, my mind is always on that bag," she says at the mark.

The married couple got into costume as Lil’ Kim and the Notorious B. Beyonce wore an outfit similar to the one that Kim wore in Missy Elliott‘s “The Rain” music video and she even drew a mole above her lip.

Make sure to see the costume that Beyonce and Jay wore with their daughter Blue Ivy last year!

The actor was spotted in July having gained weight and cut his hair.

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“When you come in the game, you don’t come in the game disrespecting idols.

The story is not exactly how he said it, but it is very close to the truth. “Everyone is like, ‘That’s blasphemy almost to say that.’ I’ve always embraced every female.”“My video “Get Money” had females that came before me cause that’s the only way to do it,” she adds. You don’t come into the industry like that and a lot of girls come in the industry like that. And it always catches up to you later.”Finally, she builds anticipation for “Wake Me Up,” saying this song will set an example as two bosses coming together.“What me and Remy doing is boss.

She’s talking about such and such.’ I feel like people know me and Remy well enough that if we are going to talk about somebody, we are going to say their name. She adds that the younger generation of female MCs tend to go at legends, which isn’t cool.“At the end of the day, I’m always for the unity. So I don’t understand how people can say I was never for unity,” she says at the mark. These are the girls that influenced me and gave me life.

While much of the song could be read as standard boasting, Remy appears, as anticipated (and despite Kim's denials), to take a direct shot at Nicki in the second verse. that bitch." The reference is somewhat confusing, as O. Simpson's murdered ex-wife was Nicole Brown Simpson, not famed actress Nicole Kidman.

"I'll say it to your face, don't gotta relay that shit," she raps. Regardless, it appears that Remy's decade-plus beef with Minaj, which erupted into public view with the release of the diss track "Sh ETHER" this past February, shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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