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You can begin the search for a motorhome in your area immediately by filling in the above form.

If you find a motorhome that you wish to book, you will be required to set up a profile and provide your preferred payment information to make what is known as a Reservation.

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Our service lets you hire from your motorhome-owning neighbours in a safe and secure fashion.

In terms of campervan hire, weekend rentals are often the most common; most, if not all, hire firms will provide weekend hire on all vehicles.

Some companies may have a limit of a minimum two or three nights rental whereas others will price campers on a daily rate; no matter what your chosen hire term, whether is a one nights hire across Saturday and Sunday or a long weekend Friday to Monday, finding hire will not problem.

Companies in popular campervan destinations such as South West England, the Lake District, Scottish Highlands and East Anglia have significantly increased demand during the summer months of July and August; prices during this time will be higher than in low season months such as November/December and January/February.

If you are planning a campervan weekend during the summer months then it is advisable to book early, sometimes booking six months to a year in advance is required, particularly for classic VW campervans which are the most sought after.

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