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Our 5th camera provides viewers with yet another view of Eureka’s fabulous Spring Street Shopping District.Dotted with intriguing shops, prestigious galleries, cozy hotels and scrumptious restaurants, this part of our village rates high on our visitors’ lists.This is the best camera to view if you want to see how the other half (our locals) live!Hold up a sign and say hello to the folks back home!It’s also the home of art shows, skate boarders, chess games and dog walkers.

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Webcam is a second place, but they only archive your webcam hourly for the last 24 hours. Bloom Sky is a weather station / webcam combo that uploads to their website, and you can connect it to Wunderground as a webcam as well. Weather Underground has committed to continuing their webcam upload service, due to negative feedback they received after their announcement.I hope the links below will still help you in your weather webcam ventures. UPDATE 12/1: I added Bloom Sky as #3 & Camera FTP to #1 below. Travel is considering FTP services, if you are affected by the upcoming outage, take their survey so that Webcams. UPDATE 11/20: I have added an additional provider (Webcam Galore.com) to #2 below.Not only did they let you upload webcams to them (or have them grab it from a URL), they also offered daily archives of all of your weather cam images. A large number of those, of course, are probably inactive, and many are copies of cameras from existing websites, and webcam-crawling sites like Webcams. I ran one of the first personal online cams in 1996 and one of the first online weather webcams in 1997. If you need help with any of these or are interested in exploring other options, or drop me an email at 1.As of today, they listed over 17,190 international weather webcams and 11,390 U. Travel, which used to be available in Google Maps but was dropped by them a few years ago. Of course, I'm asking Accu Weather if this is something they'd support, but in the meantime, although Weather Underground didn't list any alternatives for free/inexpensive hosting, people with weather cameras still have some options, depending on whether you FTP'd your camera to them, or had them grab it from a URL. Use a FREE webcam hosting service like webcam.io, which not only hosts and serves up your images, but produces timelapses, has overlays, and other neat features.

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