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The addition of these key features will empower portfolio managers with alternative investment ideas and advanced analytics designed to facilitate a better risk/reward profile.

Top Rank Online Marketing has been working with PRWeb providing SEO consulting services starting in 2008.

"A lot of companies are confused at first about why it would be worth the cost, but it really does an impressive job of seeding your name out there." Danny Sullivan, from Search Engine Land, has a detailed breakdown of how well this can work.

"With PRWeb and other services, you can get whatever you want published and distributed verbatim into a wide range of news sources." Sullivan used the example of a spammy release for a company called, which is announcing the "news" that you, yes you, can buy Viagra from its website.

The other side of this coin is news sites, hurrying to be first on big stories, running items like the Google-ICOA deal without pausing to get confirmation from the companies in question — press releases are often considered infallible, assumed to be correct.

A Viagra ad has obvious incentives, but what's the value of bogus news that will quickly be denied?

Innovations of PRWeb over the years include: Meg Walker, Director of Online Marketing for PRWeb lead a session discussing how to optimize press releases to gain the strongest visibility in both search engines and media.By doing this, you’ll create the highest propensity your news gets picked up, shared and passed on.Satisfy customer demand – to know what the demand is, first research popular trends in search engines and stay on the pulse of your industry.PRWeb lets customers pay to have this info distributed to search engines and news outlets.For less than 0, this advertisement masquerading as news was picked up by outlets like The Houston Chronicle and various small sites which have nothing to do with the subject matter like Government Security News and New England Soccer Today.

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