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Oasis Active does have a live feel with most of the emphasis it seemed on the live chat service although it was a little clunky and difficult to manage multiple chats.It did have an ‘approve or decline’ contact service which was at least one layer of screening although a little frustrating if you initiate the contact.Try and be a little more open minded, a little less defensive and less focused on looks.We live in a very critical society and scrolling through a directory of photos is not helping matters.Below we pit two of the Australian online dating heavy weights against each other.Oasis and Match have been two of the most talked about and reviewed dating sites on our oasis blog as such we compare reviews from two of the leading Australian dating websites oasis vrs match with very interesting results.Match Australia Pros: Match Cons: Match Australia Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars for dating in Australia!

I was particularly impressed with the amount of people taking this online dating thing so seriously with lots of comprehensive local profiles to choose from with pic, interests etc.

Now that’s not to say oasis active membership is of a lower standard than match or other sites but with any free service you are going to have to contend with a higher level of scammers.

Generally people not paying for a service are not going to take it as serious.

There are many very nice, honest, intelligent and successful people out there who could make very good partners with you however may not be as photogenic, poetic or quite frankly as attractive as you would like them to be.

It is very easy to be critical when you're browsing through a long list of profiles but you may be your own worst enemy.

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