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How did Dopey the Dwarf have a normal-sized son (Zachary Gibson)? Why isn't Kristin Chenoweth's big number, "Don't You Wanna Be Evil," like, 50 minutes longer? How can we make this song as big as Idina Menzel's "Let It Go"? Seriously though, we're just supposed to accept all the modern technology (flashlights, alarm systems, landlines) without question? We see Auradon's guys playing a sport involving castle-shaped goals, sticks shaped like giant wooden spoons, shields, and cannons that shoot out extra balls.

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Why is Ben going to be crowned king at the end of the movie when he's only 16 years old, and both of his parents are clearly still alive? What about the snake charmer musical sting that plays every time he's onscreen? Whoa whoa whoa, THEY HAVE CARS in this mystical fantasy land, where it's supposedly been 20 years since the events of movie? The kids go nuts when they find that the limo taking them to Auradon is stocked with candy, which they've never tasted before. He asks her out, at the end of the movie, they end up boyfriend/girlfriend, and Mal and his ex-girlfriend Audrey are put on good terms.They are portrayed by Dove cameron, and Mitchell Hope.

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