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Rhythm of English Scavenger Hunt(2007) Using a scavenger hunt activity to practice directions Sensei-nator Gladiators Simple Past Tense Skit-Making 101 Slice and Dice A number of activities using cut up words/sentences to practice reading, writing, vocab, etc.Song Lyrics Scramble An activity for practicing listening skills with simple songs South African Gambling game Surprises from your country Talking In Class(2007) Two activities to help encourage students to talk in class Telephone Speed Dating A lesson plan to practice speaking and listening in a 'speed dating' format That Which Who game Quiz type game to practice the use of that/which/who Tic Tac Toe(2007) An activity to use with special needs classes Tips for JHS ALTs(2007) Some tips for ALTs starting out in JHS Tongue Twister Relay An activity for students to practice tongue twisters with a view to improving their listening and speaking skills Trivia for Questions Warm-up Activities 2 simple warm-ups (one for speaking and one for writing) requiring only a timer Waverunner Board-based writing game that students do in teams (words or phrases) Weekday Doubt A version of the card game B.

Just for 2 adult games made just for an individual couple.

Asking your more experienced colleagues for advice is also a good way to build your relationship with them.

3rd Person verbs Advent Calendar And everybody go to sleep Answer - Questions Astrology 101 - Whats your sign Come here please Celebrity heads 20 questions style game to practice questions and answers Cleaning An opportunity to interact with students outside of class Comparisons Connect 4 game Continous Tense Practice Conversation Flowcharts A variation to practice conversations in a more natural way Country Game Adaptable speaking activity to practice country names and varied grammar points Cranium for JHS Creative Writing exercise A great activity to ease students into free writing Criss Cross 2 A simple variation for Criss Cross to make it more fun and interesting for students Crocodile Attack(2007) An adaptable warm-up to review and practice English in groups Cultural Jeopardy Cultural quiz game Current English Board A simple and effective idea for organising an English noticeboard Days of the Week song Dictionary Dash Activity to allow JHS 1 students to practice using dictionaries Directions activity Treasure hunt activity to practice directions Disappearing Man A politically correct hangman variant: great for warm-ups Do you have~ Do you know him - her Doctor Doctor Practicing body parts through a lively group activity Doctor skit Draw a Monkey Lesson to practice comparatives while drawing monkeys Drawing Personalities A drawing and writing activity to practice describing people Exquisite Corpse(2007) An activity based around making group poems Fictional self-intro from pictures Finish my question Fun and easy activity Gambling with Comparatives Gesture Communication Game(2007) An activity to practice gestures and using English to communicate instructions Gesture game Getting All Students Involved A simple classroom management technique to encourage student participation Ghost Story movies Graduation Posters An end-of-year lesson for third year students How Does It Sound A lesson plan to help students pronounce past tense -ed ending verbs correctly How Many Top Trumps An activity to practice 'how many?

So if you’ve got 10 couples, you may want to try and pair everybody up and play around of 10 teams.

This game is also extremely family friendly, so don’t be afraid to have it out at your next family get together.

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