Camping games adults

This is an awesome game for sitting around the campfire!

Telestrations is similar to the game “telephone” except you draw and then pass your sketchbooks around the circle for others to guess what they see.

If you already have the original game, make sure to check out the expansion pack, Imploding Kittens. You can even skip packing the timer and use your cell phone to countdown 5 seconds.

An awesome addition to your camping games–it’s great for just 2 or for a large group!

The electronic catch phrase game weighs less than a pound, and the batteries last a really long time on a trip.

It’s a great way to break some ice with your neighbors since an unlimited number of people can play.

If you are planning on camping with a bunch of people soon, and would like to add some fun to your trip, you may want to try these awesome camping games for adults that I have listed below.

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Camping is a fun experience that you can try with all sorts of people including your family and friends.

Outdoor adventure lovers thrive on risk and that’s what Farkle is all about.

Roll the dice and try for higher score combinations but if you “Farkle” all your points are gone–will you play it safe or take the risk?

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