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The event surrounding Messiah ben Joseph’s death vary.Different accounts give different enemies Armilus, Gog and Magog.The Kol Ha Tor states that Joshua is the ancestor of Messiah ben Ephraim. Messiah ben Joseph will likewise wage war against Amalek.Throughout the Hebrew bible Ephraim is often used to refer collectively to the northern kingdom. It has been claimed that Messiah ben Joseph does not represent the leader of the Ten Lost Tribes and that he is never presented as such.

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Called the Four Craftsmen, each will be involved in ushering in the Messianic age.

Mikweh Israel was written by the 17th-century kabbalist Menasseh Ben Israel.

The text deals at some length with the author’s theory that parts of the ten tribes can be found among the Native Americans.

Some view this figure as the Messiah ben Joseph who has been killed.

The text in the Zohar probably does not reflect Moses de Leon's views.

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